Wind-up Knight

Wind-up Knight 1.7.1

Taking platforming to Android and making it fun

Wind-up Knight is an impressive 3D platforming puzzle game. View full description


  • Great style
  • Impressive visuals
  • Fun gameplay


  • Timing specific

Very good

Wind-up Knight is an impressive 3D platforming puzzle game.

It is known that rendering high quality graphics is possible depending on the hardware the game is being played on. Wind-up Knight by Robot Invader presents one of the most enjoyable platforming games.

Using polygons and an amazing landscape of visuals, Wind-up Knight is an impressive game. Broken into short levels, players have to guide Wind-up Knight through the level by jumping, rolling, and attacking while collecting coins and cards in each of the levels. Gameplay is based off of the touch-screen, and controls are responsive when needing to perform different moves in sequence.

The brilliance of Wind-up Knight is that levels are dense and only require players to time their moves correctly without worrying about using the accelerometer to move the character across the screen. Wind-up Knight moves at his own pace and players only guide him through the level with the different moves. Collecting coins opens new swords, helmets, and armor that can add different bonuses for purchase.

Wind-up Knight is an addictive game because even when losing in a level, the game does not feel overly difficult. The mistakes made in the game are easily corrected with a small amount of trial and error.

Wind-up Knight combines the simple and addictive together and presents one of the best experiences on Android.


  • Samsung Galaxy S2 lag issues fixed
  • Minor level tweaks (first knightmare)
  • Other minor bugs fixed
Wind-up Knight


Wind-up Knight 1.7.1